One: 'When I was a child …' - Sussex

Two: First School
Meet the Other Human Beings
The Didikoi Boy
Left to Run Wild, within Limits
Death on the Asphalt, and Life in the Classroom
Seaside and Wild Woods

Three:  Teenager- neither Child nor Man
Off to Big School
The Uniforms
A Prank or two too Far
I can sing
Hurrah for the open road! Poop! Poop!
Grandmother's Marching Orders

Four:  Rather Young Man than Youth
A Schoolmaster Already! - Staffordshire
First University - 'Croeso i Gymru!'
My Second University - Durham
The Qaid Comes to Tea - The Atlas
A Qualified Teacher - and Her Majesty's Well Beloved
A Posh School - London
Into the Loony Bin, and Out Again
I Arrest the Vicar's Burglar
Special Schools and my Last University
My Headship - Devon
The Busker's Carnival
Satanic Rituals and the Rat Fair I find Gertrude
The Riot School
The Police called it 'Operation Snowball'
Summers in Santiago
Off to the Tropics
But Alas! Farewell, Gertrude

Five:  Responsibilities as a Real Grownup
Founding Chair and CEO of an International NGO
Tribals' Provincial and Regional Conferences
Visit of the Secretary of State
Ron the Boxer saves my bacon
Disasters and Death- and I Stick the Penknife in the Baby's Head
Lord Meiring in Bomb Blast - critically injured
Maps are not important! - DfID
Farewell, tropical paradise

Six:  'Mamie' finds her forever home
Seven:  Afterword - the Tale End

Appendix: The Meiring Mystery